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    Recent Blog Posts

    A well overdue thank you - for Mr. Will Munsey

    Being from Alberta one must accept certain truths. The first, is that we are a unique bunch, the second is […]

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    7 Dog Years Later.

    A year ago tonight, I was?summarily rejected by the people of Edmonton Rutherford; ught up in the election sweep of […]

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    Living with Intent.

    I have had one hell of a year. I have had my politil ass kicked, kicked some business ass, lost […]

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    Talking business. Yardstick's path to a Billion Learners.

    As I have mentioned in my most recent “life” update, I was dealt (and dealt myself) some shitty rds in […]

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    Politics - Reflections from the brink and going forward.

    The Provincial election in May 2015: This is a topic I might need a full year to develop and several […]

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    Edmonton and Uber. Each, young and confident, disruptive ideas.

    ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED IN THE EDMONTON JOURNAL – December 17th What a time to be an Edmontonian. Our city is enjoying […]

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